Tindering in Sochi

Tindering in Sochi

I am just about as obsessed with the Olympics as one can get. Since it began last Friday, I have been yelling obnoxiously at the television whether it be “Go Bode!” (despite his sad performance) or simply “Sochi!” It is safe to say I’m getting a little bit into it. That’s why I loved when rookie Jamie Anderson came through with the gold in Women’s Slopestyle and when Tina Maze and Dominique Gisin both tied for gold in Women’s Downhill Skiing.

There have always been rumors about what a sexpot Olympic Village is, but Anderson was willing to speak about it on the topic of Tinder, the new dating app that has swarmed the smartphones of young people in this nation. One might think the Village is a place for athletes to get some good old R&R, but it is rumored to be more of a place for relief and release, a different kind of R&R.

Whether the Village is like this or not, I’ll never know, but Janderson (as I like to call her) tells the truth about the distractions off the slopes.


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