Hope on the horizon

Hope on the horizon (click me)

Well, there does seem to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Graduating in three months and still working on a life plan, it’s safe to say I’m freaking out a little inside. However, I’m a firm believer in the hope that good things happen to good people.

In this article, Thomas L. Friedman discusses how Google looks beyond your G.P.A. or your prestigious university you attended when hiring. Instead, they focus on leadership and humility in their candidates. For people like me who believe they interact well with others, work well in groups, and naturally assume leadership roles, these are some nice words of encouragement. When going into interviews, employers can teach you what you need to know. You, however, have to sell yourself because you’re an investment for them. This article helps remind me that it is me first and foremost that I have to present and sell; my resume comes second.

A good friend of mine graduated from Tulane last year and received a position as an analyst at Wells Fargo. She told me about the exhausting rounds of interviews she had to go through. In the end, it came down to her and this boy from Stanford who looked much better than her on paper. The interviewer asked her, “why should I hire you over him?” She replied, “Because I would be way more fun to work with and have to sit next to all day!”

Trying to be positive on this Monday morning. I do feel as though I look good on paper, but it is nice to hear that other skills are valuable to have as well.


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