L O S T | Flight MH370

L O S T | Flight MH370

I sit here reading about the missing Malaysian plane instead of writing my paper due tomorrow about Russo-Ukrainian relations. I was a dedicated fan of the show LOST and this seems all too real now. I cannot fathom how this actually happened. 

Is there something out there? Is there something they’re not telling us? This seems straight out of a Hollywood thriller (which also gets me thinking because I’d put money on Hollywood making a movie out of this, regardless of whether it’s found or not, just like Flight 93).

The thought of the plane landing in the Indian Ocean with depths up to two miles makes my mind almost shut down with the endless possibilities of where it could be. This is literally a modern day Amelia Earhart. 

This is definitely one of those times when I get hooked on a current issue and become obsessed, almost like I did with the Amanda Knox case (which angers me to think about the thought of retrial. LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE SHE IS INNOCENT!). The saddest thing to think about is that after being missing for a week, the possibility of any of the almost 250 passengers being alive is dim.

Updates to come this week. 


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