Only at Tulane | Only in New Orleans

Only at Tulane | Only in New Orleans

Check out this article on why Tulane is basically one of the best places on earth. In my last two months here, I am becoming extremely sentimental and have been reflecting on the time I’ve had here. I’m beyond fortunate to attend college here and be able to experience New Orleans. The fun I have should be against some sort of rules; everything is fun here. I’m not sure how I’m going to deal without being here. Some have called it PTBD – post traumatic blessed disorder, which is slowly seeping in. 

Now I understand why the seniors last year didn’t take our graduation jokes very lightly. New Orleans is an incredible place that everybody should get to experience at some point in their lifetime. As for Tulane, hopefully it will be a great talking point or conversation piece that eventually gets me hired. For now, I’m riding this place out as long as I can. 


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