In one of the most shocking recent events, Malaysian Flight MH370 is still missing after several weeks. Trust me, with a colorful imagination and a strong interest in everything spooky, suspenseful, or having to do with conspiracy, my mind has run rampant with the possibilities of the plane’s whereabouts. This video of Jon Stewart pokes fun at all the media coverage of the story since frankly, we don’t know much of anything about what happened on that plane, yet media stations are covering the story around the clock.

Conspiracy theories are pouring out the floodgates, and some friends of mine aren’t helping my obsession with pondering the possibilities about what happened. One friend told me that her brother has a high security clearance in the Navy and showed me a  screenshot of her texts with him. “I will say it will have some major implications if the truth becomes public, which I doubt it will.” Was he toying with her? I’ll never know.

Another friend told me that her mom’s patient has a son who is in the secret service. He told her that the plane had landed somewhere and that they’re holding the passengers hostage and negotiating some sort of deal, while all the other news coverage is just a diversion. Would a secret service agent really tell their mother everything? Most likely not. 

While these are just theories, I don’t think there’s any way that the truth about this could be kept under wraps if something is happening that is far bigger than what we know; the truth always comes out. For those House of Cards fans out there, who knows how many Zoe Barnes’ out there are being pushed in front of trains to keep this quiet, but sooner or later we will get some closure. 

Conspiracy theories always run wild and are quite interesting to entertain for a brief moment. The Loose Change movement with 9/11 is one of the best around, blaming the supposed terrorist attack on the U.S. Government as an intentional and self-inflicted event. And then there’s the logical route. With Flight MH370, I believe that someone on that plane is guilty for this. There are too many odd things that happened for it just to be misfortune. No plane completely changes its course and decides to fly idol for seven extra hours (which by the way, no one has answered my question about fueling the tank for seven casual extra hours) without communication with the ground. I can only imagine the background checks and surveillance that is occurring in order to investigate every single person that was on that plane. 

For now, all we can do is wait, as one after another satellite image of something random floating in the ocean appears on CNN. There’s also the factor of satisfaction for the people because it’s not as though the plane will be found in tact and we’ll get to see a nice picture of the whole thing lying two miles beneath the ocean. It might very well be some scrap of metal that fits the description of the aircraft that is found and a conclusion is drawn.  

For now, we wait.. 


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