Maine – The Way Life Should Be

Also known as Vacationland or The Way Life Should Be, (as boasted by the license plates and welcome signs when you cross over the Big Green Bridge) Maine truly is unlike any other place.




“23. Cover letter, resume, interview, repeat.”

As I wind down the bittersweet last four weeks of my college career, too many things are going through my mind. This article basically sums up the back and forth bickering happening upstairs regarding the big, scary world out there and how it’s no longer acceptable to act like the irresponsible frat boy I am. 


So excited to join the real world..

I can certainly attest to this ongoing, negatively compounding phenomenon. Having done multiple different internships and having held various positions while in school, now I find myself sending email after email and filling out one application after another, attaching my resume and cover letter what seems like hundreds of times per day. 

Working the network – that’s what it’s all about. People need to be able to speak to me; I’m likable. I’d be a great asset to any team, but that’s what everyone thinks. At least I know it. For now, glass half full and high hopes. Things always work out. Life’s too short to stress out about being funemployed. That’s my parent’s job. 


P R A H A | Forever in my heart

Besides New Orleans, and my hometown of Portland, Maine, Prague is my favorite city in the world. These three cities make up the trifecta of where I wish I could be all at once. I spent a semester abroad in Prague and want to go back every day. Besides other cities that I’ve had just a little bit of fun in (Amsterdam, Las Vegas, etc.), Prague is different from the rest.

It is beautiful beyond belief. You actually have to see it to believe it. It is straight out of a fairy tale, with all its unique architecture. Did I mention it’s cheap as hell? It’s not on the euro and is still on the Czech koruna, which means that beer is cheaper than water in most cases. Oh yeah, the beer – it’s everywhere. It’s a young adult’s playground. The nightlife is wild and ranges from authentic cave bars like Usudu, to Wednesday night raves at Retro Music Hall. 

There’s just something about roaming the streets of the city and the people who occupy it that make it a mysterious wonder that continues to baffle your mind with every step you take. I hope to one day return to this magical city, hopefully in the nearby future. Everyone should get the chance to experience it at least once in their lives. 

For now, na shled.