Politics via HBO Go

Recently, I found out my family received HBO Go free for three months with the installation of our new television. So I, being funemployed and living at home (only for the time being), have gotten into some new series. Besides The Leftovers (which is too odd to even start to analyze), I’ve started watching The Newsroom, which I’ve taken a strong liking to lead protagonist and news anchor, Will McAvoy. 

In one recent episode I watched, he stated “I’m Republican. People just think I’m liberal because I think hurricanes are caused by global warming and not gay marriage.” These type of witty statements are what I live for. I immediately cracked up loudly, scared that I woke up the rest of the house. Yes, he made large generalizations about climate change and gay marriage in the same statement, linking them together to stereotype liberals, but it’s these type of satirical declarations in shows like this that make me keep watching for more (and feeling intellectual while sitting on my ass). 

From Political Science at Tulane to watching The Newsroom on my couch, not sure what I should infer about my livelihood but, I still have more episodes to watch.